Manor Golf Club Annual Awards and Race Night

Last Friday I went to Clifton Cricket Club to share an evening with members of Manor Golf Club. It was their annual awards ceremony and race night. A good time was had by all! There were many cups, shields and trophies to be awarded, they included; The Winter League; Charity Cup; Presidents Putter; and the coveted Club Champion. Either side of the awards ceremony randomly selected horse races were played on the large screen. Races had previously been sponsored by club members and local businesses. Horses and jockeys are also sold prior to the evening. (I hope this is making sense and you’re not feeling as confused as I was last friday night!) On the night, bets are placed on individual horses – plenty of money and prizes exchanged hands! Food was served prior to the awards ceremony – a choice of curry and rice or pie and peas. Cheese and onion pie, peas and pickled red cabbage – very nice! I must mention club member Rob Gardner – he was the winner of no less than six awards on the evening. Clearly a talented golfer. However, he lost out to Stuart Gibson in claiming Club Champion by a few points on the last day of the season.

nb. Clifton is not located within the boundaries of Bolton, but within the borough of Salford. None of the images here will feature in the exhibitions. I want to show them though, because they are an important part of my experience with Bolton based Manor Golf Club.

Frank Hampson Memorial

Paddy Rowley, Singles Knockout Champion

Tote Tickets

Pop-up Bookies

Photo Finish

Stuart Gibson, Club Champion


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